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Shark Viewing and Cage Diving

We left the sunny skies of Cape Town behind us as we headed for our viewing and shark cage diving experience in Gansbaai….
We were still lucky enough to see the most beautiful views of Cape Town and the surrounding areas as we headed up the scenic Sir Lowry’s Pass.  A quick stop at the top for breathtaking photos and then over to the other side where we were welcomed with some big black clouds just hanging there…but this did not put us off…as we all know the Cape is notorious for having 4 seasons in one day.
We drove through the towns of Grabouw and Elgin which we all know is famous for amongst others its apples and is home to Appletiser as well.  There is much more to tell about this area and all its offerings…but another day.
So the road takes us through some smaller towns then we finally in the stunning town of Hermanus…watch the website in September for our full story on Hermanus.  It is raining, but not too cold as we drive through the town towards Gansbaai.
By the time we reach Gansbaai it’s raining quite hard…but hey we going to get wet anyway!!!
We are welcomed by Sharklady Adventures at Kleinbaai Harbour and offered some hot refreshments, most welcoming because now we a little wet and cold!  Then it is off to the brief room.  Our guide and shark spotter advises us on exactly what is going to happen for the morning.  He briefs us on the sharks, the cage, and safety measures and then invites us back for some hot soup and bread after the dive.  So by now some people look a little nervous but excited as we put on our rain jackets and head for the boat.  The ocean looks a little choppy but we are quickly put at ease…safety is of utter importance and they would not go out if they were putting their clients in any danger.  We are all onboard and seated and its full throttle as we go out to sea.  They find the spot and drop anchor.  The boat is rocking quite a bit and my stomach is doing all funny things…but I have to be very brave I have my guests on board…so keep smiling and give them the nods up all the time.  I have decided that I am not brave enough to go into the cage but that I will take all the pictures.  So the first group (5 maximum) are given their wetsuits and loaded into the cage.  The staff are fantastic with their guests, communicating all the time, reassuring them and assisting where possible.  So the first “bait” goes in and within seconds the first shark approaches…..a big one…a really big one…my nerves…thank goodness not in the cage would have had an instant heart attack…but this is what its all about, the rush….so the spotter says down now and everyone must go under the water…the people are elated, excited….its fantastic to watch.  So every group got to spend about 15 minutes in the water and everyone was exceptionally happy…It was even exhilarating watching from the top of the boat….

We were told that we were very lucky today as we got so see half breaches and had 6 different sharks around the boat.
Then it was time to go back…the cage and anchor was lifted and we went over some really big waves to get back into the harbour…once again my stomach and one sick gentleman on board!  But fun was had by all…you could just see on the people’s faces!
A big pot of hot vegetable soup, bread and coffee awaited us when we got back…my hands were frozen but I got some really good photos…so very happy!!
You then get to view the DVD that is taken on the trip and are able to purchase it…something to take home and brag about!
Two bowls of soup later and a coffee and I had defrosted!
Overall experience – FANTASTIC!
…then sadly it was all over and it was back the City….
So a huge THANK YOU to Sharklady Adventures...your staff were friendly, accommodating and ensured we had the best time out at sea!