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Living in harmony with nature is a way of life in this scenic region of the Western Cape, where the magic unfolds with endless stretches of coastline, magnificent blue lagoons, orchards and wheat fields and rolling vineyards and towering mountains.
Mild weather and endless sunny days encourage outdoor activities.
Today we take the road to Ikhwa ttu, a place that has become home to a number of Khoi and San people since about 2010.
IKhwa ttu is based on the theme “A celebration of the San culture, present and past, for a better future”. Its mission statement includes as primary objectives to restore the heritage of the San, to educate the general public about the world of the San and to provide training to the San in various areas.
On arrival we had refreshments in the lovely garden that offers beautiful panoramic views, a lovely opportunity for taking photographs. Our guide joined us and we headed out, on a tractor.  We got a fascinating insight into the culture, heritage and contemporary life of the San.  We went on an easy nature walk, learnt how to read the animals tracks and then visited a replica village where we sat and listened and learnt.  We got the opportunity to try and shoot with the bow and arrow and also ignite a fire with sticks, under the guidance of the guide.  We then headed back to our means of transport.  Along the route we viewed zebra, ostrich, springboks, eland and some other varieties of animals.
We headed back to base camp and had the opportunity of viewing the photo exhibition in the gallery.  Thereafter we sat down to a superb lunch with some enticing wines from the West Coast.
Overall it was a very interesting and enjoyble morning and I must add I now have a new respect for the San and Khoi people.
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