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My first impression, awesome...truly beautiful!

his trip would take you about 2 ½ hours from the centre of Cape Town.   It’s some distance and there are some small towns that you pass that are well worth a quick stop, however long tar roads then a short dust road lay ahead of you and finally you are there!  

Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Safari Lodge.

I pulled up thirsty and a little hot and bothered from the trip.  As I stepped out of my car a staff member was there greeting me with a warm cloth to just wipe my hands and face and asking if I had a safe trip, inviting me for a hot drink or some fresh juice under the trees. So I enjoyed 2 cups of coffee with some lovely fresh biscuits and just sat there taking in the beauty of my surroundings.  The setting is stunning.
At about 10.15am we moved towards our vehicle for the 2 ½ game drive through the reserve – about 15 of us – tourists from all over the world.
We met our guide and were seated and we headed off.  It was a long hot drive, so you have to ensure that you have plenty of cold refreshments – they do offer you water so ensure you take a bottle or two.  The road can get pretty bumpy as well so hold onto your seats.   We started at the waterhole and met some of the buck that they have on the reserve, thereafter we drove out through the reserve and got to see the hippo splashing in the dam, sat and waited for a herd of giraffe to cross our road (felt like I was in Jurassic Park, an amazing experience), we walked and got so close to a giraffe for photos, were a few metres away from the rhinos (had the opportunity to see a baby suckling from its mom), went in the lion park where the lions were all relaxing in the shade (never went to close – me also a little nervous) but the tourists were so excited as we were about 20 metres away and they got some lovely photos. We saw a lot of other animals that they have on the reserve as well including thier elephants,  zebra, buffalo, gemsbok etc.  Lastly we went into the cheetah park where we stopped right next to five cheetahs all laying under the trees.  I could have stretched out and touched them, was speechless!  It is a long memorable drive as the guide has to find the animals and then we stop and he tells us a little about them, very informative and educational.  He was phenomenal as well.
We headed back to camp and our lunch was waiting for us - lovely cooked dishes with fresh salads and home made bread.  We sat outside under the umbrellas and had an enjoyable lunch.  It has such a lovely atmosphere and the staff are brilliant!
I then had the opportunity to go on a site tour of the property.  They have a number of different accommodation options – a guest house, chalets and the ambassador suite.  The décor and trimmings is absolutely beautiful as are the bathrooms. Highly recommend!
They also have a lovely swimming pool with loungers and an outside bar area.  You are also able to spend private and quality time with the cheetahs at the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation based at Inverdoorn. I was fortunate to meet one of them on their daily walk.
Overall my experience was superb, however I must now book to spend the night so that I can have the full experience – sleeping under the stars, dinner, night fires and finally just the tranquillity!